What Is Kinesiology?

Energy Kinesiology a scientifically proven, holistic system for correcting brain dysfunctions by using muscle testing to release subconscious commands stored by our survival instincts. It is based on the understanding that the body is an intricately connected organism and holds the innate intelligence that every human possesses.  

Kinesiology is a Holistic Therapy

Energy Kinesiology begins with the premise that the body is one interacting unit, a whole with many different parts, systems and functions that interconnect and act upon each other.  Everything we do has an effect on the body as a whole – not only our physical condition and nutritional habits, but our life-style and emotional and spiritual states impact us as well.  Each of these areas of our lives interacts with all the other elements, which means that a problem (or "stressor") in one area will affect all of the others.

 Stress Alters Function

Everyone is confronted with stress every day. It's not necessarily important what the stress is; it is how we deal with the stressor that matters. When stress is introduced into the human body or brain, physiological changes occur, and the body/mind must compensate to continue functioning. This reduces the ability of the affected area to operate at full capacity and efficiency. 

Stress Management and Relief

Often we blame ourselves for not trying harder, or worse, not being intelligent or strong enough when the true culprit is stress. All too frequently stress causes us to "switch off" when, instead, we could be realizing our full potential. 

Energy Kinesiology's unique contribution is to offer a tool that can address and relieve these stressors. Energy Kinesiology boosts and balances the body's own vital life force.

Muscle testing is an assessment technique that takes the guesswork out of working with the body.  This technique allows the body/mind to reveal precisely where and what the problem is and what is needed to create an optimum state so the body can heal itself.  Energy Kinesiology doesn't focus on symptoms – it asks "What does this body need?"  Much of energy kinesiology's popularity lies in its diversity, for the range of its application is almost infinite.

 Energy Kinesiology is consistently used throughout the world to improve learning ability, creativity and mind/body coordination as well as to help relieve emotional stress, trauma, physical pains and most ailments.