Kathie Guhl has helped numerous people overcome learning and brain integration challenges and has helped them change their lives for the better. But don't just take our word for it.  Please read the testimonials provided by our clients. 

 "I feel so much calmer and I'm able to focus again. I'm not having a lot of unnecessary chatter in my head like I was before, hashing the same thing over and over.  Calm is nice!"  Pat C.

"Thanks for your work with (our son).  He is well prepared to begin third grade.  We are looking forward to a successful academic year."  Parents

"Kathie Guhl provides a unique service by assisting children and adults who suffer from specific learning difficulties and dyslexia.  Her approach to brain integration and function is effective, often where no other treatment has helped.  I have tested many clients both before and after their treatment and have generally found consistent improvement in their Weschler Intelligence Test scores in areas that were previously deficit."  Psychologist

"I can't say enough nice things about Kathie Guhl.  I suffered from deep depression and bouts of anxiety that kept me housebound for almost a year.  Medication didn't work and I was well beyond the reach of talk therapy.  My sleep became regular after the first session and after a few more the cloud of gloom lifted.  I was able to resume ordinary activities with a sense of calm and well-being.  It was such a relief to feel normal again, especially without the uncomfortable side effects of medication."  Kathleen L.

"Kathie is non-judgmental and has a profoundly reassuring presence.  It was easy to trust her very quickly.  This was important because my mood disorders had robbed me of simple common sense and I no longer trusted myself."  Client

"At the end of fourth grade (our son) was still reversing certain numbers and letters.  He hated reading and would never do it voluntarily.  We required he spend 15 minutes every evening reading alous to us.  This was a painful process for all concerned and after he finished he would have no recall of what he had just read.  (Our son) worked with you over the summer last year.  He was about 3/4 of the way through your program when I passed his room one day and found him lying on his floor - reading!  It was a very joyous moment for me to see him reading and enjoying it.  By the end of your work with him he no longer reversed numbers and letters.  Suddently, it seemed, he just knew which way they should go!  (Our son)'s report card this year shows grades consistently a full letter grade above what he did last year.  School is now a place where he feels successful.  Thank you for your extraordinary work with (our son)."  Parents