Parenting a child with learning problems can be a challenge.  Trying to find the right solutions for your child can be a frightening experience when faced with the consequences of drugs or invasive therapies.
Kathie Guhl has successfully helped hundreds of children and their families overcome learning difficulties, learning disabilities, dyslexia, central auditory processing disorders (CAPD), ADD, ADHD, cognitive and neurological disorders, and Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) along with other brain dysfunctions that can lead to behavioral problems and poor self-esteem. Bridges Kinesiology is non-invasive and offers very effective and long-lasting solutions to many of these challenges.

Students May Wish To Improve:
• Reading Skills and Comprehension 
• Spelling
• Test Anxiety 
• Writing Skills 
• Math Performance
• ADD / ADHD Symptoms 
• Right / Left Brain Integration 
• Self-Esteem
• Dyslexia

Behavioral problems relating to learning difficulties, environmental triggers or emotional stress can also be addressed.

Some Signs of Potential Learning Stress:
•  Test Anxiety
•  Short Attention Span 
•  Lack of Self-Confidence
•  Poor Reading Comprehension
•  Inability to Finish Projects 
•  Difficulty Concentrating 
•  Spelling Problems 
•  Letter or Number Reversal
•  Over-Activity / Low Energy 
•  Poor Eye/Hand Coordination
•  Poor Handwriting 
•  Restlessness or Impatience 
•  Allergies 
•  Inappropriate Drowsiness 
•  Mood Swings
•  Clumsiness 
•  Poor Organizational Skills 
•  Difficulty Following or Giving Directions 
•  Giving Up on Frustrating Activities

 These problems are indicators of potential learning disorders such as dyslexia and are usually caused by subconscious stress. The brain, however, has an amazing capacity to change and children readily respond to Kathie Guhl’s treatments…sometimes with immediate results.