Are you blocked by invisible walls? Trapped in a cycle that holds you back from the success you truly desire?
Whether it is wealth, relationships or our body image, we don't always know or understand the deep thoughts within our subconscious that keep us from obtaining what we truly desire. 

Energy Kinesiology is on method of tapping into those unconscious thoughts in a gentle way and brings them to the surface to be dealt with and replacing self-doubt with understanding and compassion.

Energy Kinesiology has helped individuals overcome:

• Thoughts of fear and doubt
• Excuses
• Paralyzed by perfectionism
• Lack of purpose
• In ability to focus
• An insatiable hunger for more
• Lack of Motivation
• Self-esteem/Body image

Call Bridges Kinesiology today and learn how you and handle these blocks and open up your road to success.

Kinesiology for Adults

  • Body/Mind Coordination
  • Athletic proficiency

Athletic proficiency may be enhanced by addressing:

  • Speed
  • Injuries and injury prevention
  • Eye/hand coordination
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Stamina and energy levels
  • Balance
  • Pain reduction

Right/left brain integration is an integral part of sports performance and general co-ordination.

Executives and others may wish to maximize:
• Organizational skills
• Creativity
• Problem solving
• Public speaking
• Interpersonal relationships
• Emotional well-being

Energy Kinesiology works in conjunction with teachers, tutors, coaches and health professionals. Its specific contribution is to relieve the factors that adversely affect aptitude, performance, brain function and integration.