Go With the Flow examines the Law of Five Elements, which comes from the ancient Chinese theory of Five Elements. This view of health is many thousand years old and is used extensively in Eastern medicine.

According to this theory, the five basic elements of the human body, and of life itself, are fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Within each of these elements are two meridians (four in the case of fire) which make up the twelve meridians of the body.

Go With The Flow Class Themes

  • The relationships of these elements and meridians to each other
  • The yin and yang theory
  • How to move energy from one meridian to another in the Law of Five Elements correction
  • Acupuncture points and their placement on the body

By balancing the energy, or Qi, so that each meridian is in harmony with all of the others, the body as a whole is in balance.

A special tool for stimulating acupuncture points (tai shin) is included in the cost of the class.

The pre-requisite for Go With The Flow is an ability to muscle test with accuracy.

Approximately 40% of the workshop will be spent in lecture and 60% in hands-on practice. Specific balances will be presented and demonstrated prior to hands-on sessions.

Go With the Flow will be held over two days or 16 hours.

Cost: $300.00 US when registered three weeks in advance, $375 US thereafter.